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Lisa Baumann Design, based in Bellingham, Washington, offers residential and vacation rental interior design services throughout the Pacific Northwest.


As a longtime journalist and photographer, people have graciously invited me into their lives and homes, entrusting me to tell their stories through words and photographs. This work has allowed me to sharpen my eye for design, and maybe more importantly, it has helped me hone my ability to connect with people.


If you made a recent move, aren't sure where to start with interior design, or are too busy hitting the trails to take it on by yourself, you have come to the right place. We can't wait to hear about your vision for your space and create something you'll love to live in. 


Our services range from a single room to entire home design, sourcing everything from eco-friendly furniture to lighting, art, and accessories, and bringing your spaces to life with flair and fun.


Additionally, with a never-ending wanderlust and a love of playing outside, I understand the mindset of travelers seeking a vacation rental experience and what they are drawn to, especially in Bellingham, where so many of us are eager to hike, bike, ski or paddle at the drop of a hat. For vacation rentals, we offer services to audit and edit your current property listing, sourcing and styling, as well as designing from scratch. 

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Thanks so much for thinking of us. We're excited to hear more about your project. Please feel free to give us a call: 612-839-0822.


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